VoiceBio Voice Analysis Session



Your Voice Has a Lot to Tell You!

VoiceBio accurately reveals the frequency patterns of the body, and can be an invaluable assessment tool to understand and realize optimal physical health.

If there was a tool that could give you a snapshot of your overall health through a simple recording of your voice, would you be interested in knowing more? Well it’s here!

VoiceBio Reveals Vital Messages Hidden Within our Voice

Everything in the Universe functions through a sound vibration, including every organ, system and gland in our body. While each of these has its own independent ‘job’ to do, they also work together as a team. When this communication is flowing seamlessly,we will experience the benefit of good health. But should the communication break down or one system or organ undergo excessive or prolonged stress, an imbalance can develop.  This dialogue between and among the various parts of the body is conducted through sound frequency.  This means that each organ has its own keynote frequency that resonates to particular nutrients, minerals and sound vibration. There are 12 keynote frequencies present in the human body.

VoiceBio is a completely non-invasive tool used to assess both physical and emotional energy patterns, i.e., the general state of our health, through a simple recording of the voice. This information  is sorted and graphed to reveal which frequency tones (notes) are present, and which are missing – all correlating with organs, systems and emotional patterns. We can then look at various holistic remedies that can be used to help regain balance.

Includes VoiceBio scan, analysis and discussion of your voice print, Note Cards with wonderful information and options, and music in your two lowest notes.

Once you complete your session purchase I will contact you to schedule your Voiceprint.

This is for educational purposes.

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