Vibrational Healing Essences



These vibrational essences are inspired by the wonderful Phi Essences.  There are additional essence categories that are not included here, such as:  Crop Circle Essences, Cactus Essences, and others.  Their  Sea Essences include their amazing Dolphin Essence (Delph).  I highly recommend.

This library of subtle vibrational essences includes flower, gemstone, and other nature essences made of pure, high energy vibrational infusions of flowers, gemstones, orchids, ocean, sea, animal and other elements of nature.

Essences work by transferring the healing vibrations found in nature to the user, allowing them to assimilate the corrective frequencies needed to heal.

Essences are about creating balance, releasing old patterns of behaviour and emotions, and helping us to be who we really are, in the expression of our highest inner potential.  Essences seek to alter the subtle vibrational fields in the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), so that they resonate according to their optimal health levels.

This library has 11 panels, including:

  1. Vibrational Amazon Orchid Essences
  2. Vibrational Angel Essences
  3. Vibrational Animal Essences
  4. Vibrational Astro Essences
  5. Vibrational Energy Balancer Essences
  6. Vibrational Gem Essences
  7. Vibrational Ocean Essences
  8. Vibrational Pyramid Essences
  9. Vibrational Rose Essences
  10. Vibrational Sea Essences
  11. Vibrational Wildflower Essences
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