The Gentle Art of Blessing



The more alert we become to the blessings that flow into us, the more our own touch will bring blessing. Our suffering results from our refusal to accept and bless our lives exactly as they are now. The truth is that there is nothing broken or missing in your life.  Your life is perfect the way it is.  So let us learn to discern this perfection.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to respond with full awareness to all situations rather than react from your gut?  What freedom that would be!  Well, this is just one of the gifts that the practice of blessing from the heart will bring to you.

The ancients say that when we bless the people or events that hurt us and cause us pain, what begins to happen is that the verbal expression brings the physical energy up from the heart and into the body. The blessing is simply the acknowledgment.  Soon, your body becomes warm and you have tears in your eyes.  And you say, “I bless this person, I bless this person.”  That’s all we need, because for just a moment when the charge is relieved, we can replace the hurt with something else.  Rather than judging the experiences when they come to us, when we find ourselves hurt, we say, “Yes, I feel hurt.” Acknowledge it first.  Secondly, what is this hurt saying to me?  What voice am I hearing?  What does it tell me about my life?  And bless the hurt that is giving us information about ourselves.

This sweet and simply library of 45 items, inspires and helps us to bless situations and people as we go through the day, and add overwhelming joy and presence to each day.

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