Homeopathy – The 10 Miasm System



The term miasm means “an obstacle to cure,” or “noxious influence”.  A miasm is most simply defined as a person’s inherited predisposition to particular behaviours or diseases.  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, used the term “miasm” to describe these transgenerational causes for disease. As the result his clinical work for 12 years on many complex cases, Hahnemann discovered the chronic characteristics and disease history of mankind and put these into three distinct categories of disease:  Psora (psoric miasm), Sycosis (sycotic miasm) and Syphilis (syphilitic miasm).

Every human has an inherited miasm, and with inherited responses that have been passed down from one generation to the next generation.  A miasm is either active, inactive (latent) or exposed.

It is said that deeply rooted conditions can be traced back through many generations to five primary diseases: cancer, gonorrhea (sycotic), syphilis, tuberculosis (TB) and psora. These miasms alter the ideal genetic blueprint for health and can affect the whole person – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Each remedy is a state of being.

This library addresses the three original miasms, two later miasms, and the five new miasms, for the complete 10 Miasm System.

This is a small, yet very powerful library.  I have been using and adding to my homeopathic remedy collection since 1996, and have a hearty sized collection.  Each of the 10 Miasms has been individually imprinted with the primary remedies associated with each Miasm.

The library comes with an information sheet, that also includes all possible remedies for each Miasm.

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