Spiritual Response Therapy

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Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a thorough and profound method of clearing the energy template of our bodies. By doing so, energetic “programs” (as they are called in SRT) or beliefs, perceptions and judgements that exist in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blueprints negatively affecting our health and wellbeing, are removed.

Many issues, from physical aches and pains, to anxiety, illness, relationship dynamics and feelings of being stuck, can have their root cause in an energetic form and can imprint themselves within our energy field. Since we experience our reality through the filter of our thoughts and beliefs, these programs which run in the background of our day-to-day life have an intrinsic effect upon the way we react to things and people, make decisions and choose to take action.

Since energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed, in addition to beliefs and conditioning you have accumulated subconsciously throughout your life, SRT also encompasses energies that have carried through to your current circumstances from past lives, often revealing uncanny parallels with current life experiences.

This spiritual and energetic approach is usually carried out by dowsing with a pendulum over a series of charts to find and clear negative energies and soul programming that is causing blocks to your best health and wellbeing.

Now we have access to these charts through the Genius!

This library has 16 panels, based on the many dowsing charts, and can be used either by asking and addressing specific questions about  issues or topics appearing in your life, or just seeing what comes up for you.

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