Rife Frequency Terrain Detox Protocol

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After years as a Spooky2 Rife enthusiast and practitioner, the Terrain Protocol was one of my favourite protocols.  This is a ‘small’ but incredibly comprehensive Rife frequency detox program.

The Terrain protocol prepares the terrain in your body to be more available or receptive to further frequency treatments. This protocol was developed by Johann Stegmann as Rife frequencies, based on his experience of treating people using a Rife system with their chronic diseases. He found that people responded better to frequency treatments when common toxins and parasites eliminated beforehand.

The Terrain Protocol was written by Bryan Yamamoto, a skilled programmer who makes many contributions to Spooky. The Terrain Protocol carefully steps through the detoxification process, removing heavy metals, chemicals, systemic toxins and parasites. Liver, kidney and lymphatic function are also improved.

The duration of this program is 11 days, after which it loops back to the beginning, running for a total of 22 days!  We run this in a slightly different way using the Genius Biofeedback App.

When running the Terrain protocol, make sure you keep yourself well hydrated to aid the elimination of toxins from your body.

This detox program covers pretty much everything.  There are 14 different detox functions that run across the 11 days, and includes: removing heavy metals, chemicals, systemic toxins, intestinal toxins, parasites and liver function, kidney function, cleanse blood, kidney and liver toxins, intestinal parasites, lymphatic system.

This is a small but power-packed panel.  Treat your body to this exceptional detox program.

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