Resonance Repatterning



Resonance Repatterning takes you beyond your problems and daily stresses, and helps you feel energized, confident, and happy.

Much of what may be holding us back comes from unconscious patterns, or programming that took place early in life. These patterns can create worry, fear, anger, and sadness and interfere with our ability to have happiness, abundance, or fulfillment in work, relationships, life, or simply to realize our greatest potential.

Even though we may not be consciously aware of many of these patterns, they can have a major impact on our life.  Resonance Repatterning has the potential to assist you in creating lasting positive change in your life. It’s designed to provide an opportunity to help you clear any and all negative beliefs, behaviors and emotions that may be creating limitation in your life.

This massive library has 35 panels, including Quantum Healing Codes, Archetypal Patterns, Ayurvedic Sounds for Chakra Energy Centers, Color and Light Options, Developmental Needs Affirmations for 7 different phases in our lives, Pentatonic Modes, Energizing Options, Soothing Options, Toning, and much more.

There are many ways you can use this large library, first and foremost, using your heart-centered intuition.  This is truly a soft and pain free way to lasting change!

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