Pesticides Clearing

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This comprehensive Pesticide Library includes 4 panels, with a total of 323 items.

Pesticides 1 – A comprehensive list of pesticides. Pesticides are necessary to clear before the program against invasive organisms can be successful.  Each pesticide line item carries specific info on its associated vegetable, fruit, or grain crop.   194 items.

Pesticides 2- Gentle Alternatives. This panel provides unoffensive ways to control bugs in the home, office, and vegetable garden.  40 items.

Pesticides 3 – Detox Help. These are suggestions on how to lower exposure to pesticides which is becoming more challenging due to hidden or unclaimed pesticide use.  75 items

Pesticides 4 – Group Type. This short panel provides the main types of pesticides and can be useful in quick balancing sessions, and also as a gentle introduction to clients of the importance of avoiding pesticides.  14 items.

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