Natural Medicine Biohacking Toolbox



This library includes biohacks such as Red & NIR light, PEMF, oral red/blue light, microcurrent, structured water, ozonated water, hydrogen water and essential products such as oils, homeopathics, herbs, pain relief blends, ointments, electrolytes, affirmations, gemmotherapy, crystals, many specialty blends and items, supplements, patches, suppositories and other biohacks to assist with keeping in top health in each area. 

  1. Cold/Flu Immune System kit
  2. Dental care kit
  3. First Aid/Survival Kit
  4. Herbs & herbal supplements
  5. Homeopathic remedies
  6. Lyme/tick bite kit
  7. Vitamins/mineral supplements

Boost your energy, immune system, health and overall well-being with this library packed full of many specialty items. Some of the specific items imprinted in this library are: intranasal red light, shower in a bottle and pain relief ICE essential oils, affirmations of safety and plenty, specialty patches, enzymes, binders, hormone cream, peptides, probiotics, CBD oil, C60 Plus, Frankinsence, Myrrh & Gold and much more. 

This library includes 7 panels with over 700 items

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