Mount Shasta Sacred Journey



Shift your state!  Mt. Shasta has become known to many as a portal, or vortex, between the outer and inner worlds. People travel to Mount Shasta to experience its strong metaphysical powers.

This library was created for a sacred healing journey that took place at Mount Shasta in the summer of 2021, and invites you to connect with the powerful portals and energy vortex there known as “The Temple of Light”.  This energy supports your healing when you are ready to create significant shifts in your life.

This unique library of 8 panels helps you to connect with and experience the many mystical energies, healing, and tools of awakening and ancient rememberings that Mount Shasta offers. The panels include:  Chakra Affirmations, Gifts of Atlantis, Gifts of Lemuria, Keys to Ascension, Mother Earth, Portals, St. Germain, and Starseed Template.

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