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Hoʻoponopono (pronounced HO-oh-Pono-Pono), is a daily cleansing of energy to help you stay pono (right with the world). It’s actually a collection of various Hawaiian processes of reconciliation, forgiveness, and letting go, of releasing our ‘data’, our memories, wounds, and the programming that often runs our lives. This ancient Hawaiian practice functions as both a communication concept for reconciliation and a tool for restoring self-love and balance.

Ho’oponopono is about the interactive, mutual nature of the forgiveness. An apology alone leaves the energy loop incomplete. You can’t just say “I’m sorry.” The apology needs to followed by asking for the other person’s forgiveness: “Please forgive me.” Can you feel the difference? Next, it’s important to offer your forgiveness to them as well.  Ho’oponopono was also based on flowing loving, healing energy to the other person. The experience of love must be present for the forgiveness to be effective.

Another essential step is breaking the aka connection. Aka literally translates as “sticky stuff.” Ancient Hawaiians believed that everyone we encounter is connected to us via aka, the etheric conduit of mana (life energy). At the end of the Ho’oponopono process, we need to cut the aka connection. Why? So that we can start fresh without the baggage or residual attitudes we had about the other person. (Cutting the connection also gives us the choice to not re-establish connection at all.)

The wonders of Ho’oponopono have been greatly underestimated. If you’re interested in spiritual growth, then you’ll find that getting in touch with the consciousness of Ho’oponopono will awaken something inside you.

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