Home, Space, and Land Clearing

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A fresh start! Just like us, our homes and businesses, the land we are stewarding, or any space we spend time in can greatly benefit from an energetic clearing.  When we free and heal the past energies, we free the possibility for supportive energy to be fully present in the now.  Energetic clearing and cleansing can beautifully re-purpose a space for its current occupants and uses, and open to warmly receive new blessings in a way that brings balance and love to all, past, present and future.

This comprehensive space clearing offers an in depth and intensive energetic clearing of your space that will lift and transmute negative influences, release any unwanted energies, program spaces for positive conditions like creativity, love, happiness, success and good health.

  • Perhaps you’ve purchased land that you will be building on and want the energies to be cleared and blessed before breaking ground.
  • Perhaps you’ve purchased a new home that you want cleared of previous energies so you can move in with a fresh start.
  • Maybe you’re selling your current home. Cleansing the energy of a home before it goes on the market can really benefit the seller, the home, and the buyer.
  • Something feeling somehow off about your residence or business? Feeling like you can’t settle-in and relax or successfully follow through with your offerings or services?
  • Maybe you’d just like to refresh a space. A clear and clean energy field promotes the highest levels of love, creativity, and well-being.

Release stagnant energy and invoke joy and vitality in living spaces. Instill peace and balance in homes and businesses by clearing negative energy.

The panels for Home, Space, and Land include:

  • Assessment and Clearing
  • Comprehensive Clearance and Vibrational Upgrade
  • Create Prosperity, Harmony, and Joy
  • Geopathic Stress Solutions
  • Harmonize Positive Energy
  • Manifest Your Perfect Space
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