Healy Frequency Therapy Programs

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Healy uses frequency therapy and resonance technology to help heal your body at a cellular level. Assisting with energetic imbalances by increasing cellular energy (ATP) 500% on average to help cellular communication. By charging the cell to its optimal mV rate it can aid the body back to homeostasis (balance). Thus, helping activate the body’s own ability to heal. Empowering the immune system and enhancing health to dramatically improve performance, endurance, and recovery.

This library includes 16 panels for the following Healy programs:  Bioenergetic Balance 1, Bioenergetic Balance 2, Gold Cycle, Job Program, Chakra Program, Protection Program, Pain /Psyche Program, Sleep Program, Fitness Program, Mental Balance Program, Meridians 1, Meridians 2, Learning Program, Beauty Program, Skin Program, Deep Cycle Programs.

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