HALO Multiverse Biophotonic Therapy



HALO Multiverse, High Amplitude Light Output, is the world’s most advanced high output photonic-botanical harmonics technology delivery system ever developed.

“With Biophotonic Therapy, the body takes the energies in, just like a plant takes in sunshine.  These harmonic energies go into the body through what I believe are Godly sources, then the body knows what to do with those energies and then begins the self-healing responses.” – Michael Thomas

Bio-photonics is an emerging area of scientific research that uses light and other forms of radiant energy to understand the inner workings of cells and tissues in living organisms.  Photonic-botanical harmonic energies increase cellular communication.  The body knows what to do with these energies and how to best distribute them to heal the body.

The HALO Systems work through the application of physics and chemistry.  As light photons pass through the vials containing botanical extracts, they pick up the harmonic vibrations of the botanicals and transmit the photon and botanical energies into the body where the body responds as if the botanicals were actually present. The cells react to both the photon energy and the vibrational harmonics of the botanicals; the cells themselves bring about any healing effects.

The botanicals are sourced from Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Amazon Rain Forest, Indian Ayurveda Medicine, South East Asian, and Middle Eastern traditional medicine practices.

All the different parts of medicinal herbs, such as roots, leaves, stems, and fruits are used in the vials to ensure extraction of all the beneficial properties entirely.  It is the quality and potent synergy of the specific combined botanicals that make HALO Multiverse the most powerful plant medicine system in history.

This library has 57 items, and comes with a PDF document with information on this unique and amazing library! 

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