Grabovoi Sequence Numbers



Grabovoi numbers use Radionic signatures to heal or harmonize various circumstances. They were developed / channeled by the Grigori Grabovoi, a Russian scientist. The science of Grabovoi is a fundamentally new area of knowledge, affirming the laws of creative control of each object of information.

The theory is based on the fact that all people and life forms share common ground. Through electromagnetic field of the Earth, we are all connected in some way. Some have called these numbers the ‘cheat codes’ of the Universe, because they work within our system to manifest and heal.

All life forms carry their own unique electromagnetic field and frequency, and when it’s sufficiently distorted it results in disease, sickness, or other ailments and disharmony. Because everything is energy, radionics says organs, ailments, various situations, and their remedies have their own frequency and vibration that can bring harmony and balance.

These 11 panels cover some of the most frequently requested topics and number sequences, including: Emotional Health, Financial Abundance, Prosperity, Finding Desired Work, Harmonize Love, Healthy Relationships, Neutralizing Fears, Family Relationships and Well-Being, Transcending Karma, Maintaining Ideal Body Weight, and Harmonize to the ‘Perfect Norm’.  You might notice that certain sequence numbers for the same thing are different, in different panels. This can vary depending on the perception of the person who made the Control, or the specific issues being addressed.

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