Master Series – DNA, Chakra Consciousness, and Shamanic Rites



Our DNA is our personal blueprint, and contains all our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual information.  Science has recognized that we have two active physical strands of DNA (one pair).  They have also found an additional five double-stranded pairs (10 DNA strands) that seemed to be dormant. These are the stands that were deactivated during the Atlantis era and have been non-active within humans for millions of years.

Your Master Cell or Master DNA cell is stored within the pineal gland.  This pineal gland stores the Master Cell and creates all new cells in the body, and this is where all information regarding cell generation is contained. The Master Cell contains the cell nucleus, chromosomes, DNA helix strands, codons and light-encoded filaments (LEFs). The Master Cell also contains old patterns of degeneration, damaged or diseased cell patterns and cell memory. These cell patterns and cell memory can be cleansed and purified from the DNA.

The Chakra Consciousness work can be greatly enhanced by DNA Activation so they are included together in this powerful panel. This allows for a much greater flow of energy and faster releasing of Karmic and Emotional energy patterns.  The end result of Chakra Consciousness work is the rapid expansion of consciousness. With the clearing of emotional and karmic energies, it’s at that point that ascension to higher planes of existence is possible and can take place during your present lifetime.

In addition, as you work with the various initiations offered in the form of energetic transmissions in this panel, if you so choose, you’ll open yourself to the wisdom of the Earthkeepers, as you realign and attune your neuropathways and truly shift consciousness.

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