Divine Mother Healing



Divine Mother Healing is a collection of vibrational healing tools for your body, mind, and spirit,  created by Connie Huebner.  They can transform any challenge and bring greater love into your daily life.  These healing tools operate at the deepest levels of our being to heal both surface concerns, such as relationship and finances, and inner wounds, especially those that keep us in separation.

If you are willing to spend just a few minutes using these powerful healing tools, you will be profoundly cleansed, elevated in consciousness, and truly blessed by spirit. You can truly feel the depth of these healing tools merely reading and speaking them, and naturally, I wanted these amazing tools and their frequencies at my fingertips in the Genius!

This is a relatively small library even though it has 20 panels.  There is a grand total of just over 200 items, with the largest panel having only 24 items.

Each of the panels represents a unique healing tool, and they include:

Ascending Light, Aura Empowerment, Calling Back Parts, Closing Holes in Your Aura, Cutting Binding Ties, Divine Grace, Divine Joy, Divine Light, Divine Nectar, Divine Truth, Releasing Agreements, Spinning Ascending Light, and more!

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