Clear Core Wounds, Issues, Beliefs



Our core wounds are our deepest-seated pains in life. They are our oldest wounds, and our our deepest, most tender inner wounds that are the most difficult for us to heal. They are often created during childhood but may also come from a Karmic past life or develop in later years of adulthood. It is usually said to be a healing process born of a life’s hard work to learn how to heal our core wound(s), and although it won’t likely be quick or easy to do, it will hold the greatest reward should we succeed. Through this, we are often then able to go on to heal others or become powerful teachers to help people heal their own wounds in turn as we can now relate their suffering.

The whole point of the spiritual awakening journey is to loosen our attachment to that which is false and limiting – and this includes our core beliefs. These core beliefs can become so dense and constricting that they contribute to a Dark Night of the Soul. In Indian philosophy, core beliefs are related to the idea of samskaras, or patterns of conditioning that we continuously repeat in our lives. To connect with our True Nature, we need to become aware of these inner contractions that tend to undermine, control, and pollute our way of living and being.

“We heal ourselves on the mental level as we become aware of our core beliefs, release those that limit us, and open to more supportive ideas and greater understanding.” – Shakti Gawain

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