Biomagnetism Vax Clear & Detox



Biomagnetism has protocols specific for the two main ‘vax’ providers, and I have been using those, along with detox and drainage protocols.

If you, anyone you love, or your clients, got the vax for any reasons, and you would like a successful protocol that’s been used by and on many people all over the world, this is the library!

Not only is it specific to each vax, but also has the general detox and lymphatic drainage support, from a Biomagnetism perspective.

There are 7 small panels:

  1. Pf-zer Protocol (21 items)
  2. Mode-na Protocol (15 items)
  3. Cov- Remnants (21 items)
  4. Detox Protocol (5 items)
  5. Drainage (to help remove toxins) (9 items)
  6. Golden Lymphatic Drainage (4 items)
  7. Chemical Detox (1 item)
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