Biomagnetism – Clearing Vectors of Contamination



According to Biomagnetism, Vectors of Contamination are the #1 cause of tumoral phenomenon worldwide, as well as several other conditions.  Many of the Vectors of Contamination come from what’s inside mattresses, sofas, other upholstered furniture, and carpets.  Must use steam to clean the furniture, otherwise the problem will come back!

We cannot heal ourselves or help someone else on their healing journey unless we are empowered with understanding how to also prevent illness from reoccurring, and that is done by addressing all Vectors of Contamination!

In fact, in biomagnetism it is said that, “the secret of reversing osteoporosis is to work on the vectors of contamination in the mattresses and sofas, and eliminate any BMPs and any allergy will completely reverse.”  This is how important attending to VOC is for our health.

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