Biomagnetism – Clearing Emotions and Sensations



This is a comprehensive list of Emotions and Sensations from various Biomagnetism courses with a total of 357 items, split into 2 panels.

Ultimately emotions are always going to be the spark that lights the fire, and so before it gets out of hand it’s so important to tap into emotions.  Libraries with a focus on clearing and/or reprogramming emotions are invaluable proactively, as well as for whatever ailments one is already working to clear.

With any condition, it’s important to find an underlying unresolved emotional conflict, and this library assists with just that.

There are many modalities that can address underlying unresolved emotional conflicts, and sometimes it takes more than one tool, and release often occurs in layers.

Even for those who are not biomagnetism practitioners, these Biomagnetism based libraries are very powerful, and they can be used with or without magnets!

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