Beauty Biohacking Toolbox



This library has 5 panels (over 300 items) and includes many beauty and skin-care tools, products and biohacks such as microdermabrasion, gua sha, crystals, gemstones, microcurrent, microneedles, essential oils, vitamins, herbs, masks, peels, peptides, ozone water, hydrogen water, red and near infrared light and more. Three panels consist of Beauty Affirmations for healthy and glowing skin and hair, body image & self-confidence and inner beauty to let your radiance shine through. The last panel includes the ‘Navajo Way Blessing of Walking in Beauty’.

Feel and exude confidence and attractiveness while looking your best and feeling beautiful from the inside out. While many of these tools help you to become more holistically healthy and balanced and boost mitochondrial function, energy and vitality, they also revitalize and support the integrity of the skin and structure. Use these frequencies and enjoy the positive feedback from your friends and family.

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