Balancing Polarity



A General Polarity Reversal (GPR) simply means that the electricity or energy in the body is “agitated” or “going in the wrong direction.” Therefore, polarity is reversed.

A simple way to look at our body’s energy field is to think of batteries in a tape recorder, flashlight or other battery-operated device. The batteries that run the gadget must be installed with the positive and negative poles seated in the correct direction. If not, the device simply won’t work. It’s much the same way in our energy system.

Since your body has its own “electrical system,” your “batteries” need to be positioned correctly for you to function properly. If your polarity, or direction of flow, is scrambled up, you have a General Polarity Reversal or GPR. While GPR is not common, it does happen, and it is unlikely Tapping will work until the Reversal is corrected.

You know those days when you just feel off? Your timing is out of whack, you’re dropping your keys or pens, bumping into door, fumbling for words or phrases, falling off curbs, and so on? Chances are your Polarity has become reversed, literally causing you to be out of balance.

This panel of 33 items balancies our body’s polarity.

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