Applied Bioenergetic Programming – Holograms and Beyond



ABP is something taught in the advanced Biomagnetism courses, and definitely goes BEYOND ‘just’ biomagnetism, and together they are a powerhouse combination!

This advanced ‘branch’ of Biomagnetism combines Biomagnetic, Bioenergetic and Holographic configurations, taking healing so deep and ‘quantum’ that it’s almost hard to describe, and this is only the beginning!  ABP is a deep dive study on its own.

ABP uses commands to reprogram emotions, sensations, even allergies, and also uses commands to enter bioenergetic frequencies and codes into the subconscious, for various things, such as pathogens, neurotransmitters, homeopathy, and so much more.

This library includes 5 panels focusing on Applied Bioenergetic Programming:

  1. ABP – Essential Oils by Frequency (this refers to ABP frequencies/codes)
  2. ABP – Frequency as a Vaccine.  This uses and enters bioenergetic frequencies/codes for various pathogens.
  3. ABP – Holograms.  These are holographic configurations or constellations of magnet placement, in holographic form.
  4. ABP – Molecules (Neurotransmitters).  Again, this panel enters the energetic expression of various molecules of neurotransmitters.
  5. ABP – Healing with Bioenergetic Frequencies.  This incredibly diverse library has commands for 124 conditions, states of being, life events, and much more. Some examples:  Cellular healing, accelerating healing, cutting telepathic loops, cleaning the aura, stress, DNA restoration, panic disorders, sacred codes, and so much more.
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