Anion Card (3-card bundle)



Anion Negative Ion cards are small negative ion producing personal cards made to be worn on the body, as a pendant, or you could carry it in a pocket. 

Anions (Negative ions) act as antioxidants in the body. They help increase blood flow, oxygen, and eliminate free radicals. They can be used to ionize water & food for improved hydration & nutrient uptake.

Reduces Inflammation: Signs of inflammation include pain, heat, redness, swelling or loss of function. Chronic inflammation is damaging when it occurs in healthy tissues or lasts too long. Reduction in inflammation results in pain relief & improved function.

Increases Energy: By clearing energetic blockages, this device ensures that energy flow improves. This means that your organs & muscles are getting needed blood & nutrients.

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Cost for 3 Cards $498 (Includes $475 + shipping and handling) US funds.
* Purchasing this 3-card bundle brings the cost per card down to $158.33.
It’s wonderful to have 3 or more cards. Use one for charging water and food, one for wearing, and one for a loved one, or for working on clients!

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