Ancestral Healing for Your Spiritual and Genetic Families

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What happened in your family’s past is actually present and alive today within your cellular body and energy field. Any unresolved conflict, patterns, traumas, or issues from your ancestors, including unhealed emotional wounds, traumatic events, damaging thought patterns or belief systems, and other limitations, may still exist within your energetic grid.  This grid, due to your DNA, connects you with a larger energy pattern of your entire ancestral lineage, going generations back.

Clearing ancestral patterns and traumas helps us clear these burdens from our ancestors, and therefore from us, and future generations. Ancestral Clearing allows you to live up to your true potential in this lifetime, rather than reliving the old patterns. It allows you to experience the essence of who you truly are.

As you transform, the energy of the entire lineage preceding you is transformed, for it’s all happening now, through you, and as you. This is the gift you bring to yourself and future generations, and the gift you bring to your ancestors, because as they departed, they left behind the residue of their unfinished business, passed down through the ages, held in place by unspoken family agreements to perpetuate certain patterns, traumas, beliefs… up until now!

The healing work of your ancestral lineage recalibrates our DNA.

If we’re healing and transforming the wounds that we carry from those who came before, we’re also changing the trajectory of those who come after us. Those who follow will have a different standard as the foundation for our linage. The entire lineage evolves. Consciousness continues after death.

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