Alchemy Series



The metallic realm was believed by alchemists to possess the highest form of medicine throughout the earthly realms. It was believed that metals had the ‘Universal Seed’ most readily available within them. Because of this ‘seed’ or generative life force, it was the metals that were said to be the closest to the first material (Prima Materia) that produced the universe. Metals were also found to be immortal in a laboratory setting.

Knowing and understanding alchemy, means knowing and understanding the way consciousness relates to matter. The way in which it does that is through the mind. If we want to apply the understanding that is alchemy, then we have to know our tools found in the mind.

Working with a metallic oil can have profound effects on one’s physical and mental state and set the user in a position to carry on the long history of alchemical tradition through knowledge of self and spiritual evolution. Metallic oils are seen to work on the endocrine system helping to balance body chemistry and alter internal landscapes of mind and emotion.

Work with Consciousness through the alchemy of Antimony, Copper, Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Siler, and Tin.

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