Cosmic Energies of Larimar, Ingmar, Antares

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This library is composed of 80 elements representing the Cosmic Energies of Larimar, Ingmar, Antares.  They are swirling ascending and descending spiral energies that fluctuate, the symbols act as a funnel and vector creating a powerful force.  Each symbol is used for a given situation or specific pathology: physical ailments, geopathies and electrosmog, energy saving, working on one’s own development.

LARIMAR – is mainly designed for physical ailments and illnesses.  Some symbols are also useful for saving energy, purify and energize water.  It comes from system entities stellar Sirius B and was developed by Dr. Wolfgang Becvar channelling.

INGMAR – is designed for the human mind, but also for the energy saving and safety against external influences. It comes from beings from the Aldebaran star system and was developed by Dr. Wolfgang Becvar channelling.

ANTARES – is a 7-dimensional symbolic system of emotions.  He comes from entities in the Antares star system and was channeled by Mag. Werner Neuner.

ELOMIN – is an energy network at the mental level.  Has been channeled by Mag. Werner Neuner.

LEMURIA – dates back to the time of Lemuria, the former primordial continent in today’s Pacific region, and includes 4 symbols.  These energies were already activated at that time on Terra Gaia.  Has been made by dr.  Med. Vet.  Wolfgana Becvar channelling.

Symbol systems come from the free energies of this solar system, of earth, of planets and stars, which are contained in specific symbols and then rendered usable.

There are now several symbol systems that have been broadcast in recent years, and all are related.  These symbol systems get the job done to transmit the broadest possible spectrum of effective forces, and therefore to help a large number of people in a useful way.

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