c.Balance Pendant

I recently purchased this pendant and have been so incredibly impressed with itthat I wanted to share this information!

The c.Balance is a wearable PEMF device for Circadian Rhythm Balance and Whole Mind-Body Performance!

This remarkable device utilizes PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) and quantum resonant energy technology.
It runs automatically, 24/7 with optimally-timed and targeted programs. 

The c.Balance features full circadian rhythm, 24/7 Chinese Meridian/Body Clock support and a unique ‘personalization’ that scans the user’s energy system and calibrates and attunes the device to the user for additional, customized energy support!

The pendant runs 24 hours a day, with the 7th day of each week being a day of rest. 
The primary aim of the c.Balance is to help re-harmonize the body’s natural biological rhythms.  When the body’s rhythms are in harmony, an improved state of wellbeing and vitality are natural.

Disruptions to our natural rhythms manifest in symptoms such as: Pain, lack of energy, poor sleep, mental / emotional disturbance, discomfort, digestive issues, immune dysfunction, etc.

What is so unique about the c.Balance pendant is that it’s based specifically on the circadian rhythm / 24/7 Chinese Meridian/Body Clock, and was designed with the understanding of the timing, optimal delivery at the optimal times, and is targeted to specific rhythms.  The automatic 7-day programs do all of that work for you.  You can also run a personalized body scan with the pendant, and it creates a 3-week customized program for your body’s priorities.

This is designed to boost the body’s energy system and all its biological rhythms, allowing for natural optimization of energy levels, stress reduction, immunity, toxic effects of EMF (e-smog), environmental toxins and travel, pain and inflammation, trauma and general well-being

24/7 Automatic, Self-Healing and Self-Regulation Support For: 

  • Balanced Circadian Rhythms – 24/7 Body Clock – Chinese Meridians – Sleep and Wake Cycles
  • Decreased Stress and Anxiety
  • Improved Emotional Balance
  • Reduced Pain & Inflammation
  • Enhanced Energy Levels
  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • Resilience Against Toxic Effects of EMF (e-Smog), Environmental toxins, and Travel
  • Earthing – Re-establishing connection with the Earths’ Fields including (Schumann Waves)
  • Brain Wave Balance – Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta Waves
  • Shock and Trauma Release
  • Immune Strength and Resilience
  • Optimized Metabolic & Glandular Function

The c.Balance pendant is amazing for anyone, and it’s an outstanding
complimentary device for all Genius Biofeedback users. 

The c.Balance is truly a Master Tool for Daily Preventative Wellness.

For more information, or to purchase your c.Balance pendant,

The pendant provides 3 levels of energetic support

  1. Automatic background programs, 24/7 (with 7th day actually being a time of rest and integration for the body, and recharging the device).
  2. 8 manual boost programs that offer short-term acute support (Calm, Sleep, Ease (for any kind of discomfort or pain, inflammation and tissue repair… can even hold pendant over the area for more targeted support), Revitalize, Tissue Rejuve, Shock (for acute emotional shock), Inflammation, and Travel.
  3. Personalization, which offers customized support based on the energetic priorities within the body and mind. It’s based on a body field scan using the pendant, and it creates a 3-wk set of customized programs tuned to the user, which are automatically calibrated, scheduled, and added to the 7-day automatic background programs.

For more information, or to purchase your c.Balance pendant, please CLICK HERE

If you have any questions, please contact me, and I’d be happy to share my experience and do my best to answer any questions.

If you would like information on the product developer, Dr. Rainer Viehweger 
(MD-Orthopedic Surgeon, Currently Practicing – Complementary Medicine, Psychosomatic Energetics, Shockwave Therapy, NES,
Sensitiv Imago, Research Scientist, Developer, and Speaker/Trainer in the field of Bio Physics), CLICK HERE (and scroll down)

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