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What is Biomagnetic Adjustment?

Biomagnetic Adjustment is a non-invasive, holistic option for anyone looking to feel empowered about their health. BMA is a very specific magnet therapy that exclusively uses the Northern polarity of therapeutic magnets. The North polarity has long been known for the benefits to the body such as negative ions, increasing alkalinity & reducing inflammation and pain.  

Our bodies are electromagnetic and the magnets work with your body on a cellular level to address the electrical condition of a complaint so that the body can resume a healthy circuiting.  The adjustment results in the body being in an optimal, balanced condition so that it can return to homeostasis. A body in homeostasis has the greatest potential for healing itself.

The BioMagnetic Adjustment is a simple method of biomagnetic therapy using only the northern polarity of a energetically clean, safe gauss, therapeutic grade magnet to relieve inflammation and acidity in the body. This results in balanced pH levels, an alkaline environment, and homeostasis, which is defined as all components (cells, muscles, systems, etc.) of a body working together to function normally. Each session focuses on a particular problem or symptom you are experiencing and balancing the pH level in the problem area. 

What Makes This Magnet Therapy Different? By using only the negative, North polarity side of the magnet, Vitalist therapists are able to neutralize positive charges in the body, resulting in an alkaline environment.

How Long Have Magnets Been Used on the Human Body?
The use of magnets in recorded history is a long one. For at least 2,000 years, there have been written records of the use of natural magnets, or lodestones, being used in medical treatment.

What Is An “Approved Vitalist”? Does It Matter?  YES, it matters! The reason that being an Approved Vitalist is SO important is because not only have they completed the rigorous training offered by one of the two schools, they also strictly adhere to the hygiene protocols required to keep the client safe. 

How Will You Feel After my Session? Everyone is unique, so everyone feels differently after their session. Some clients have reported feeling energized, others feel very relaxed, some feel tired, while others don’t notice any difference until the following day. You might be a little hungry afterwards since your body has been busy working during the therapy.

Erica is a Level 3 Approved Vitalist from the Colegio Mexicano de ajuste Bio-Magnético and will soon be a Level 4 Approved Vitalist. If you would like more information on what a BMA is and how it works, please contact me and I’d be happy to answer your questions! Please visit the Contact tab to reach out.

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