Your Personal Negative Ion Device.

Anions (pronounced “an-ions”) are negatively charged ions, and are beneficial to the body because they act as antioxidants by eliminating free radicals.

Anions help increase blood flow and oxygen, and can be used to ionize water and food for improved hydration and nutrient uptake.

Charged by the sun, the Anion Card uses 76 minerals that work with your body at a molecular level to produce negative ions and promote healing.

Anions and Their Impact on Health

Negative Ions, also known as Anions, function as potent antioxidants within the body. They contribute to heightened blood circulation, increased oxygen levels, and the eradication of harmful free radicals. Moreover, they can be applied to ionize both water and food, facilitating enhanced hydration and optimal absorption of essential nutrients.

With its unique design, the Anion Card possesses the capability to absorb various energy sources prevalent in our surroundings. These encompass electromagnetic, electrical, gravitational, radio magnetic, and other rarer forms of energy. When the Anion Card is in our possession, it has the remarkable ability to transmute these energy sources, aligning them with the resonance of each cell within our body. This process leads to a remarkable elevation in our vibrational frequency.


You may be surprised by your results!

Balances pH: Your body’s pH balance is the level of acidic & basic compounds that allows you to function best. Optimal pH is necessary in order for the body to resist disease. 

Optimizes Cellular Frequencies: Our cells use various frequencies to communicate. In order to have optimal connectivity our cells need to be vibrating at the right frequency.

Pain Relief: Because our Negative Ion card reduces inflammation and improves circulation, many users report a reduction in their pain levels.

What Can Anion Card Do for Me?

The Benefits

Negative Ions: Anions (Negative ions) act as antioxidants in the body. They help increase blood flow, oxygen & eliminate free radicals. It can be used to ionize water & food for improved hydration & nutrient uptake.

Reduces Inflammation: Signs of inflammation include pain, heat, redness, swelling or loss of function. Chronic inflammation is damaging when it occurs in healthy tissues or lasts too long. Reduction in inflammation results in pain relief & improved function.

Increases Energy: By clearing energetic blockages, this device ensures that energy flow improves. This means that your organs & muscles are getting needed blood & nutrients.

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